Can you hear the crickets in the summer afternoon

while sitting in the shade and drinking light wine?

The wind from the sea in the warm afternoon whispers its stories...

 We live in the Land of Paradise, the most beautiful sunsets

in the foetus of Gods fruit.


We live at the entrance into the Paradise

Healthy crumbs were given to us, a full glass, too.

A  beautiful indented coast and a bed under the stars.


The Mediterranean as a Habitat

I climbed to a clearing where I could watch the sea, hills, peaks and canyons in peace, cliffs and lush vegetation, clouds and islands, too. There I created a home, brought a wife and a dog, founded the home of love. Faith is in the air, silence, God. Stone, wood and water on the ground. Everything is imbued with truth and somehow tailor-made for me - simple, modest, natural. To strike the Mediterranean stone with my palm, to afford fresh water streams to my body and the warmth of a burning log in the fireplace to my soul, these are the experiences, which I live. I chose to dream away from the world, in a kind of loneliness, isolated and in spiritual freedom.


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