„To publish the bad writing of great writers is much like beating the shit out of a man when he is totally drunk. It just ain't fair, baby.“

„We don't need poetry writing seminars, we need poetry writers.“

„The movie world is what kills writers.“

Charles Bukowski


„To have great poetry, we must have great audiences.“

W. Whitman


„If you keep on doing newspaper work, you will never see things, you will only see words“

Gertrude Stein


„Reality is the best fantasy off all.“

Rymond Carver


"The result must be an act , not an abstract idea."

"People who do not believe in this sun are real wicked."

V.Van Gogh


"What is more natural, more human and more comprehensible than those strange statements of a solitary poet?"

"Nothing stands in the way of a man, only his own ghostly fear."

"A man sometimes travel the whole world without moving from the spot where he live."

Henry Miller


"If you want to be a winner, you have to give the best you can."

unknown author


"A true poet serves beauty, not the government."

" The reality is, more or less, what we want."

"Love is the only innocence and the only virginity is not to think."

Fernando Pessoa


"Poetry as a reflection of reality."



"If you stop supervise your future, you will discover happiness."

An old Chinese


"Who don't like Dostoevsky, don't like literature."

S. Sonntag


"Humanity is not aking for despair, hopelessness and futility, but hope, love and the possibility of goodness."

From the book " The only planet of choice "


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