In Jerusalem
in the temple
whip and thorns

From the Dolorosa
to Golgotha
to the cross and the blood
death and resurrection,
on the Olive Mount
to the rock where it was betrayed
to the tree where he was arrested

In Galilee, where he appeared
to the water on which he walked
on the coast, where he preached
in Jordan, where he was baptized

In the wilderness, where he was tempted
challenged by Satan
before his Father proven
carrying a victory in the fertile coast
and the desert to the devil goes

In Jerusalem, after many centuries
in Israel in all religion conflicts ;
in a church, synagogue, mosque
at the Wailing Wall, in front of the blade of a Roman sword
the Herod Treasury of gold

In the room of the last supper
where flesh and blood was shared,
to the terrible acts of Judas' betrayal
to Mother and Magdalene terrified

In Nazareth, to the prophet
in Bethlehem to the holy child
by Lazarus once more alive
all the dead on their feet again

In the Holy Land
to our God

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