Midnight Man – Riccardo Staraj & Midnight blues band

Excellent combination of poetry, blues, jazz, rock and theater on the new album Midnight Man.

Other activities

In addition to literature and poetry as well as multimedia projects, which basically contain several artistic expressions such as the spoken word, pictures, videos, theater and music, Riccardo Staraj is active in the public and social life of the community. Within the Italian community, whose president he is, he organizes numerous cultural and artistic events together with the Tourist Board and the Municipality of Mošćenička Draga, so he extends his multiple talents to other spheres of social life. The areas of activity of this author, in addition to the world of poetic expression, is the carnival, sport and Tourist Board events, the publication of articles in the daily and monthly newspapers, monographs, tourist guides and catalogues. He also organizes exhibitions and writes art and literary reviews....he is to be found in many other activities within the institutions of the Municipality of Mošćenička Draga.