About me

Date of birth: 06.09.1971.
Address: Sučići – Matusani 24A, 51417 M. Draga
Mob. 0913737473 / E-mail: rikpoems@yahoo.com

Books and Music Riccardo published

The City without Christ 1995
Circle in the sand 1997
The Fight 1998
Auto-Compliment 2000
Adriatic Blues 2002
America - The Trip 2005
Monography - Images and memories of life 2007
The roof of my temple is the sky 2008
Piano & Poetry (CD featuring Joe Kaplowitz) 2008
Love is (CD with J.E.Šeta) 2010
Midnight Blues (bilingual book of poetry & CD) 2012
Big bang of personal mission (book and CD) 2014
Devil in Love 2014
CD Midnight Man 2016


The organizer and founder of the Mošćenice Cultural Summer. His book promotions are close to theatre plays. He organized almost fifty literary happenings along the Liburnian coast and in Istria. Old towns of Istria and the Kvarner Bay are the scenery of his performances. The title of his artistic world is Poetic Theatre. He presented his books in Europe and the United States.

He reads classic literature, beat poetry, religion, new age, philosophers...listens to blues, jazz and classical music...visits the theatre and is interested in film directing. His love for blues took him far away...to America. Roads, deserts, urban centres and oceans inspired him for new creative challenges. Back to the Mediterranean, the Adriatic coast and below the Mount Učka where he built his home in the silence of nature and his own thoughts he continued writing and watching the sea.