Riccardo Staraj

Date of birth: 06.09.1971.
Address: Sučići – Matusani 24A, 51417 M. Draga
Mob. 0913737473 / E-mail: rikpoems@yahoo.com

How to Order Books and CDs Online

Books and CD listed in the attachment can be purchased via the Internet at promotional prices. The prices include postage costs, so by ordering any books or any CD you will get the product on your address at no extra cost! Please place your order using this e-mail: rikpoems@yahoo.com.

The City without Christ – not available
Circle in the Sand – not available
The Fight - 80 Kn 
Self-compliment - 90 Kn
America - the Trip - 100 Kn
Adriatic Blues - 90 Kn 
Clear Sky is the Roof to my Temple – 100 Kn
Midnight Blues (+ CD) – 100 Kn
Monograph: Pictures and Memories of Life - 150 Kn
My Memories – 90 Kn

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Order now!